My business has worked with many freight  companies over the past 30 years, typically searching for the lowest possible cost in effort to secure the best pricing for my customers.  I have learned that there are more factors than simply cost that make a difference for my customers being satisfied  with doing business with my company.  I have had many broken promises from various freight companies with missed shipped dates, damaged freight arriving to my customer’s locations and added charges that were not agreed to in advance.  I started working with Upland Logistics recently and they have taken a lot of time understanding the needs of my business and explaining to me the options available from Upland Logistics.  In addition to the 10-30% cost savings that I have experienced, they have been able to meet the needs of my customer that often have very tight windows of times when they must have the deliveries to fit into construction schedules for their projects.  Upland has access to their own asset-based trucks as well as contracts with other carriers that provide several options to meet the varied needs of my customers.  They are very committed to doing the best job possible and providing a level of service that I have not seen from any other companies in the freight business.  I will be using them for all our freight needs in the future.

Dan Metcalfe

On behalf of PCL Construction Services, Inc – Minneapolis, I wish to convey my satisfaction and thanks with the efforts that Upland Logistics, Inc. showed on a recent project PCL was constructing for a very important repeat client. You and your team contributed substantially to the success of our project. Your willingness to take the lead by coordinating with PCL and our suppliers to insure pickup and delivery times were clearly communicated and most importantly these communicated times were achieved.

It was refreshing to work with a company that has the same commitment to achieving results and the problem solving mentally, as PCL has for our customers. The way you and your team took charge in coordinating the orders and communicating as needed with PCL was extremely helpful. Not only did this allow us to focus our efforts on other items, but your communication and commitment to on time delivery along with the level of care during the receiving, delivery and unloading process allowed us to easily coordinate our staff and quickly provide the products to our client in pristine condition.

I especially want to thank Levi Kleffman for his professionalism, knowledge and ability to quickly and effectively communicate critical facets of the process with me; it helped us navigate through some difficult moments and make crucial decisions to the project on course.

Of all the vendors I have interacted with recently, you were hands down the best! If I am ever in need of transportation and logistical needs on a project, you will be the first company I call.

Darin D. Engelby
Construction Manager

The staff at Upland are truly genuine people! They have industry experience and seem to set realistic expectations upfront to their customers. Levi at Upland has stepped away from personal time at all hours of the day/night to ensure we have the correct information needed to provide a smooth delivery. The dedication and commitment to their customers is easily visible to us as a carrier. They take proactive extra steps and make extra calls to us that most 3PL companies don’t do. It is a real pleasure to work with this company!

Jan Leja

I used to rely on my suppliers to handle my freight needs until I talked with Upland Logistics. They not only showed me the value of letting a professional handle your logistic needs, but he also saved me money on the first load. They took the time to help walk me through their process so that if I had any questions, they could handle it up front. They provide the highest quality service and their prices are more than fair. I will use them from here forward and have recommended them to friends and family.

Jon Klein
General Manager